Welcome to Esperanza Management!

From 2003 we are gaining experience in the field of hotel management and handling reservations.
Esperanza focused on partnership with small and medium-sized hotels and dedicated to helping small businesses succeed. We help hotels thrive with sales and marketing tools built for them as well as our management skills help to build good service for the customers.
During that period, we had helped few hotels in Amsterdam to increase their annual turnover and raised occupancy rate as high as 95%.
Our company did successful management of Hotel Kitty for the past 3 years and Hotel Internationaal for the past 10 years as well as Hotel Plantage for 12 years of productive partnership. We work with some other hotels with customized reservation management programs.
We offer crisis hotel management program. At the end of the project the owner will have his successfully operating property back.
Another way of cooperation is hotel lease on mutually beneficial terms.
Our company started analyzing tourism and travel market in the Netherlands since 2003 as Accommodation Reservation Assist office that was specifically working with walk-in tourists. While running our office we had created a portfolio of more then 150 hotels in Amsterdam and Utrecht, therefore we had different varieties of hotels to choose from for our clients.
We are affiliated partners with Booking.com and running our own web site www.ibookhotel.com that offers to our visitors on-line booking in different countries.
We have our own small Guest House where we practicing our management skills and implementing new ideas in the booking and guest relation sphere. It helps us better understand structure of relationship between hotel’s stuff and guests and reach our goals in hotel management generally.
Esperanza Management offers web development for the hotels, hostels and guest houses. Our approach is professionalism and high quality of work.